President's Address

Ronny Cooksey, president of the Baptist Convention of New Mexico, brings the President’s Address to messengers and guests on Tuesday afternoon, Oct. 26, during the opening session of the 2021 Annual Meeting. SN5128

ROSWELL (BNM) – Baptist Convention of New Mexico’s President Ronny Cooksey, pastor of Sandia Baptist Church, Albuquerque, delivered the President’s Address at the BCNM’s 2021 Annual Meeting, Oct. 26. Cooksey spoke from 1 John 1:1-4, where John taught that the Word is Jesus. John explains that Jesus came to be with us in the beginning, Cooksey said. Jesus was the Word. He dwelt on earth among humanity. People saw Him with their eyes and touched Him with their hands. Cooksey noted that John also encouraged believers to proclaim the Word, to share the Gospel in those verses.

Cooksey explained that Christians proclaim the Word with their mouths - what they have seen and heard. They testify to others the offer of eternal life in Christ. They tell them that Jesus walked among people in the flesh.

John indicated that even though Jesus walked with us in the past, he could still picture it in his mind, Cooksey said. John reported what he had seen and heard and touched to others. He proclaimed the Gospel.

The Scripture repeats that “we proclaim” what we have seen and heard, so that you may have fellowship with us. Cooksey talked about evangelism in his church, Sandia Baptist. He admitted that going door to door is uncomfortable for him. But, he said, when he goes, he always comes back knowing that he would have never met those people had he not gone. He would never have known their needs.

Cooksey asked, “Is the story [of the Gospel] fresh for you?” Cooksey shared a few points that work for his church, such as making evangelism simple. Help the congregation take the first step in sharing the Gospel. He encouraged church members to talk to Jesus every day for a month. He said the effort helps people feel more comfortable talking about the Gospel. He also suggested that churches enlist prayer partners who come to the church and pray over the pews that people will sit in for worship - for their needs and their salvation.

Cooksey explained that when saints daily walk with the Lord, sharing the Gospel becomes easier and more effective. Spend time in the Word and keep it fresh in your heart, he explained. “We testify so that we may have fellowship with God and His Son, Jesus Christ – and that our joy may be complete,” he said. “We invite others into our fellowship that their joy may be complete also,” he encouraged.

Cooksey challenged that whatever medium Christians choose – social media, face to face or door to door – just make sure you share the Gospel.


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