2019 Paul Chtiwood Speaking

International Mission Board President Paul Chitwood speaks during the Tuesday evening (Oct. 22) session of the Baptist Convention of New Mexico's Annual Meeting at Central Baptist Church, Clovis.

CLOVIS (BNM) - For one final time, Paul Chitwood, president of the International Mission Board, challenge the messengers and guests of the 2019 Annual Meeting of the Baptist Convention of New Mexico. Chitwood had already spoken three previous times on the opening day of the meeting.

Using Revelation 7:9-10 as his text, Chitwood explained the vision John saw of heaven. For an outline, he posed questions to the text: who, where, how, why and what?

The "who" in this Scripture references the great multitude in heaven, which includes every nation, tribe and language, Chitwood explained. The vision indicated that there would be someone represented from every nation, tribe and tongue in heaven before the prophecy will be complete. "Because only those turning to the Savior will be included in heaven," Chitwood said, "We still have work to do – and we do it best together."

When we think of "where," Chitwood explained that Scripture states that God's people will stand before His throne and before the Lamb, telling that he has seen with his own eyes those in unreached areas who have no Bibles, nor have they ever heard the Good News of Jesus Christ. God wills that no one should perish. "What the people all have in common is that they are lost," Chitwood said.

"How?" In John's vision, the saints wore white robes. How will all of this happen? Chitwood answered, saying, "Through salvation and the sacrifice of God's Son." He exclaimed, "Go forth and share the Good News that saves us." He continued, "Apart from salvation, no one would be there (in heaven)."

"Why?" The saints are there to worship the only One who is worthy of being praised. Jesus died on a cross so that they could be in heaven. He is worthy of our worship. John, in the vision, finds not only us there, but those who have heard the Gospel and accepted God's gift of salvation.

"What?" What will you do with the vision John saw and the words God has spoken? Chitwood said, "God is the Father to the fatherless. He has determined that there are sons and daughters from every tribe, every nation and every language that He plans to adopt –and He won't be denied that privilege."

Chitwood concluded that God calls us to go out and share the Good News to every tribe, every nation and every language, and then the adoption process will be complete.

"So, what will you do about it?" Chitwood asked. "Are you called?" "Will you go?"

Editor's note: Listen to Paul Chitwood's full message at listen.bcnm.com.

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