Las Cruces (BNM) - The Baptist Convention of New Mexico held a registration reception on Monday evening, Oct. 22, in advance of its 2018 Annual Meeting. The reception, the Annual Meeting, and other related activities were hosted by Mesilla Park Community Church, Las Cruces.

Upon registering, each messenger received a name lanyard, a copy of the BCNM’s 2018 Book of Reports, a copy of the Baptist Faith and Message, a copy of SBC facts and figures and a Las Cruces visitor’s guide. 

Registering allowed messengers to vote on business matters during the meeting. According to BCNM bylaws, each cooperating New Mexico Southern Baptist church is “entitled to two messengers and on additional messenger for every twenty-five members or major portion thereof above twenty-five; but in no case shall any church be entitled to more than eight messengers.”

The registration reception took place in Mesilla Park’s foyer and included dinner and refreshments. During the reception, messengers and guests were encouraged to fellowship with one another. BCNM staff and other ministries had set up 23 exhibit booths throughout the church’s foyer and hallways. At the booths, messengers and guests interacted with BCNM staff and representatives from various Southern Baptist Convention entities.

By Tuesday, Oct. 23, 205 messengers and 81 guests had registered. Mesilla Park’s Cindy Fierro and Alan Stein organized the dinner portion of the evening.

Debbie Bizzell served as a volunteer StoryTeller with the convention’s Information Services Team staff, onsite, at the 2018 BCNM Annual Meeting in Las Cruces.

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