Opening Elements and Business Sessions

Larry Evans, chairman of the State Mission Board and pastor of First Baptist Church, Cloudcroft, brings the board’s report to messengers and guests of the 2021 Annual Meeting. Ronny Cooksey, president of the BCNM convention, looks on.

ROSWELL (BNM) – The 2021 Annual Meeting of the Baptist Convention of New Mexico convened at 1:30, Oct. 26, at First Baptist Church, Roswell. The two-day event opened with a welcome from the pastor of the hosting church, Aaron Colyer.

Messengers who arrived in town on Monday evening registered during a registration reception. Approximately one half of the pre-registered messengers received their messenger registration materials that evening. The remaining messengers checked in with BCNM staff prior to the 1:30 kick-off of the Annual Meeting.

During his welcome to messengers, Colyer reminded them to thank the BCNM staff, the staff and volunteers of First Baptist, Bethel Baptist and Calvary Baptist churches in Roswell for making the meeting possible. Colyer prayed for the meeting as the New Mexico Singing Churchmen took the stage for one of three appearances during the opening session.

The first session of the meeting contained a business session, including the seating of messengers, appointment of committees, adoption of the Annual Meeting program and the State Mission Board Report. Messengers unanimously approved all reports with no discussion.

The second set of business items were on the agenda for Wednesday morning, during the final session of the Annual Meeting. Business on Wednesday included reports from the New Mexico Baptist Children’s Home, New Mexico Baptist Foundation, the Committee on Committees, the Nominating Committee and Resolution Committee. Messengers approved all reports unanimously. Unanimous votes approved the State Mission Board’s recommended 2022 BCNM ministry budget and the entity reports.

The last item of business at the Annual Meeting was electing new officers for the coming year. Beau Lamb, pastor of First Baptist Church, Santa Rosa, nominated Ronny Cooksey, the current president and pastor of Sandia Baptist Church, Albuquerque, for a second term as president. Messengers unanimously re-elected Cooksey.

Bill Connors, pastor of Eastern Hills Baptist Church, Albuquerque, nominated Monty Mullenix for first vice president. Mullenix is the current first vice president and pastor of First Baptist Church, Bloomfield. Mullenix also received a unanimous re-election vote.

Justin Bowman nominated Matt Celorio, pastor of Bethel Baptist Church, Alamogordo, for second vice president. Celorio received a unanimous vote, as well.

Cooksey adjourned the meeting at the close of the session.


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