Elida Deacons

New deacons, Darrell Chenault, Chance Bradley and Tom Cox, were ordained at First Baptist Church, Elida, on Sunday, Feb. 9. Dave McFadden, director of missions for Eastern Association, delivered the ordination message.

ELIDA (BNM) - First Baptist Church, Elida, ordained three new deacons on Sunday, Feb. 9. Interim Pastor Wes McAfee organized the service, which featured the church's newly called pastor, Cheston Fair. Fair offered the ordination prayer for the three new deacons.

The new deacons are Chance Bradley, Darrell Chenault and Tom Cox. The addition of the men to the deacon body elated the church, and especially Herschel Dixon, who served as the church's only deacon for many years.

Dave McFadden, the director of missions for Eastern Association, brought the message to the candidates. Ordaining the deacons took place during the morning worship service that Sunday.

Darrell Chenault is a high school history teacher in Elida and served as the volleyball coach for many years and many state championships. He also serves as the fire chief for Elida Volunteer Fire Department. Chenault has spent most of his life at First Baptist Church. He is married to Venetia.

Chance Bradley is married to Darrell Chenault's daughter, Keisha. Chance is a rancher and has lived in Elida for about ten years. He is also a volunteer at the local fire department in addition to teaching Sunday school.

Tom Cox drills and maintains windmills all across Eastern New Mexico. Cox has been a member of the church for about 15 years. Cox also serves as a volunteer at the fire department and teaches Sunday school.

Cheston Fair, his wife, Beth, and their three children are in the process of moving to Elida from Logan, where he has been serving as the youth pastor. The church called him as the new pastor on Sunday, Feb. 2.

Joy Pittman is Circulation Assistant for the Baptist New Mexican news journal and GoBNM.com, news and information outlets for the Baptist Convention of New Mexico.

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