Rusty Kenyon Family

Rusty Kenyon accepted the call to First Baptist Church, Tucumcari, on Sunday, March 26. Kenyon and his wife, Amanda, have two daughters, Maddie and Katelynn. SN6923

TUCUMCARI (BNM) – First Baptist Church, Tucumcari, called Rusty Kenyon as its new pastor, Sunday, March 26.

The church held a “Meet and Greet” fellowship, March 25, from 4:00-6:00 p.m. for members to meet Kenyon and his family. Kenyon preached in the service on Sunday at 10:45 a.m. Afterward, the church voted to call him as their pastor, and he accepted.

John Hinze formerly pastored the church until he accepted the position of director of missions for Pecos Valley Baptist Association, Oct. 2022.

Kenyon pastored Forrest Community Church, McAlister, since August 2020. That church ordained him to the Gospel ministry on June 20, 2021. First Baptist Church, Fort Sumner, where Kenyon was formerly a member and a Sunday school teacher, licensed him to preach.

Kenyon said he preached his first sermon at a funeral for a friend. He preached the second time at House Baptist Church and then at Forrest Community Church on Father’s Day in 2020. Forrest Community Church voted to call him as their pastor on Aug. 9, 2020. He served bi-vocationally while working for the Fort Sumner Irrigation District.

Kenyon and his wife, Amanda, have two daughters, Maddie and Katelynn.


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