Danny Porter

ALBUQUERQUE (BNM) — In September 2018, Baptist New Mexican readers began seeing a new byline from our new staff writer. Daniel Porter started his work with the BNM on September 1. Since then, he has contributed to the work of the Baptist Convention of New Mexico's Information Services Team in several ways.

Since beginning, Porter has authored numerous stories appearing online and in the printed edition of the BNM; he has played a central role in launching the BNM's Instagram presence; he has assisted with editing stories for the StoryCentral mobile newsroom and regular news releases; and he has participated in and contributed to the team's strategic planning activities. He has also assisted with the team's technical support work.

The departure of Porter's predecessor, long-time BNM Assistant Editor Linda Prescott, brought changes to the team's structure and operations. The newspaper's trend to include more and more New Mexico content and to develop GoBNM.com, social media and other digital outlets drove the need for a staff writer with knowledge and experience in the realm of digital information. Porter fulfills that need among other responsibilities.

While considering Porter for the writer position, Team Leader Kevin Parker asked him about why he thought state Baptist papers existed. "People like holding something in their hand," Porter said. "The world revolves around information, and people want to feel involved in micro communities. [Baptist newspapers] help them feel [like they are] a part." He also noted that the purpose of news stories was to encourage people, help them apply principles to life, raise their awareness and help them reach conclusions and make decisions. "Accuracy," Porter said, is the most important part of informational writing.

Porter is a member of X Factor Church, Albuquerque, where he served as media and communications director before joining the BNM staff. Before that, he served as a North American Mission Board church-planting intern through the church. He has also served as a writer for Invisible Children, Inc., where he assisted two of the organization’s lead writers and generated content for the organization’s social media platforms.

Porter is a recent graduate of the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque. He concurrently earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and a Bachelor of Arts degree in religious studies, along with an Honors College designation in interdisciplinary studies. He graduated magna cum laude and served as president of the Sigma Tau Delta English Honor Society. Porter is a new member of the Baptist Communicators Association and a member of the 2019 ERLC Leadership Council.

Porter is married to Morgan. They have three dogs and enjoy outdoor activities together. Daniel says he also enjoys reading and researching. Both Porters are still pursuing educational goals: Morgan is currently studying law at UNM, and Daniel is pursuing a Master of Arts Theology degree online through New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.

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